Time to Talk Day: the power of active listening

When it comes to important conversations - don't underestimate the power of active listening.

Active listening is a real skill, and a difficult one to master.

But it can make a huge difference to the depth of a relationship and the trust between two people.

When practised with colleagues, it can turbo-charge collaboration, work engagement and professional output.

And when practised with customers or clients, it can transform business growth.

Active listening is one of the skills we help your people build at Fika Mental Fitness - improving connection skills by an average of 15%.

See below for a video of two of our Fika experts talking about the value of active listening.

Interested in learning how Fika can help your people learn to more actively listen to each other and your clients?

Drop us a line at hello@fika.community if you'd like to book a 5-minute masterclass in active listening with one of our experts. 


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