Returning from maternity leave

Rose returns from Maternity Leave

I'd been told returning from maternity leave would be challenging ... but no one could have prepared me for how tough it would be.

It's a rollercoaster of guilt, anxiety, fear and grief at leaving your baby with someone else ... all interspersed with excitement and a forgotten sense of freedom.

There's an intellectual shift in gears which brings real feelings of inadequacy as you push yourself to speed up. Meanwhile, juggling childcare with work check-ins can leave you frazzled and feeling on the back foot.

Transitions like these aren’t easy, but we all have to go through them.

From starting a new job, to returning after parental leave or sick leave, to simply taking on extra responsibility or juggling work with external pressures - there will be all sorts of moments in our careers that challenge our ability to cope.

I've experienced challenges like these before - but thanks to everything I've learnt from Fika's science-based mental fitness courses, this time I'm that bit better prepared.

Mental fitness doesn’t mean the symptoms aren’t there - it just means you’re better equipped to deal with them.

You’re more aware that it might actually be quite normal to feel this way, even if people don’t talk about it. You’re more able to cut yourself some slack, laugh off any mistakes, open up to colleagues or friends without fear of judgement.

You understand the emotions might come in waves for some time - but you’re more assured you have the skills to ride the wave. And each time you do, your confidence grows.

Fika’s mental fitness courses are designed to support staff through tough transitions like the one I’m going through - equipping them to handle the challenges their careers will throw at them, and to thrive, personally and professionally. 

If you’re interested in hearing how we can support your staff via our workplace packages - drop the team a note at

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