It's time to celebrate positive mental health

Mental Health is amazing.

When are we going to start celebrating it, not just keep trying to 'fix' it?

Why are humans the dominant species on the planet?

Strongest? ❌
Fastest ❌
Live longest? ❌

Yet we celebrate and aspire to physical fitness…


Form allegiances and shared belief systems 💡
Understand consequences 😱
Plan for the future 👩‍💻
Learn from the past 🤔
Build lasting relationships 👬
Think creatively and solve complex problems 👨‍🔬
(+ opposable thumbs caveat here) 👍

Connection. Focus. Motivation. Meaning. Stress. Positivity. Confidence. These skills really matter.

Every emotion we have is an evolutionary gift - it’s there for a reason. Positive and negative. We’re not supposed to be ‘relentlessly happy’: we need every emotion we have (in the right balance).

Yet we don’t celebrate and aspire to mental fitness?

We generally think mental health only matters when we’re not ok … other than that, we take these amazing gifts for granted and don’t work on maintaining them.

- We all understand the need to train for physical challenges (or we wouldn’t do very well or would injure ourselves).

- How many of us train our mental muscles before mental challenges for exactly the same reasons?

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